Welcome to Henry's Digital Photography


The images on this site were taken with my first digital camera the Nikon 880.


I've since given this camera to a relative, and now exclusively shoot my images with a Nikon 8700

Both camera utilize the En/El-1 Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery, although it looks as if Nikon is not longer producing this particular battery. 

However there are several vendors who are producing compatible battery and chargers and are available on sites like Newegg.com and Amazon.com

Nikon discontinued the Coolpix 880 a few years ago, however this camera remains to this day taking very good images. 

Nikon also discontinued the 8000 series ( a big mistake if you ask me) instead doing with the Digital SLR (D2X, D2H, D50, D70, and D200), as well as Coolpix P, L, and S Series. 


The 880 and 8000 series (and the newer Digital SLR's) utilize Compact Flash memory as the "digital film". While Nikon only recommends Sandisk and Lexar as "approved" memory, I have used varies memory in these cameras without any problems (Simpletech, Viking, Ridata, PNY and others. 

Nikon supplies there camera with a USB transfer cable and a transfer port, but I like long trips and love the convenience of slipping a new card in the camera, and returning home to download all my cards. This is usually done with a card reader, and some printer come with a card reader as part of them. HP photoprint series have built in card readers.

CF cards come in various sizes (and have gotten much cheaper as well.) CF cards come from 8MB to the newest 8GB cards.


                                                             Well on to the Nikon 880 Images, I hope you enjoy them.


                                                                            Nikon 8700 Images here