The American Revolution

Why be interested in the American Revolution?

My interest in the American Revolution is multi-fold.

First, I had 3 ancestors who actually fought in the American Revolution...

 Jonathan Trufant, a private in Capt. Thomas Cushing's Company, raised for the defense of Castle and Governor's Island, (Which is currently Logan International Airport today) as well as many other times during the conflict.

Samuel Bates a matross (a gunner) who fought at the battle of Dorchester Heights, and other times during the conflict.

John Reed, (father in law to Jonathan Trufant), a minuteman who marched from Weymouth, Mass. on the alarm of 19 April 1775.

Secondly, there is a factor of genealogy here. Everybody wants to know where their roots are, where they came from, who their forebearers were. My genealogical quest has enabled me to trace one line back to one Alain Blanchard, who was executed by the British at the Battle of Rouen, France in 1418. Furthermore I have managed to trace all 4 major branches of my ancestors to prior to 1700. I know they came from England; France; Canada; Scotland; and Ireland.

Thirdly, it reminds me of the tremendous responsibility these people left us with, their vision for America, their vision of the Government, as well as the ideals they would have wanted us to follow and carry on. (For additional resources on this please be sure to visit the Politics and Law page).

I currently belong to a number of different organizations, mainly the Gainesville Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution which is an organization consisting of a historical: genealogical: and a preservation focus.

I cam a former Chapter Color Guard Commander, as well as a former State Deputy Color Guard Commander.

It was through this organization that I got my first taste of the WEB, and the ability to write WEB pages. As you may have noticed if you followed the Gainesville Chapter link I was listed a page master for a number of those pages. Believe it or not that was my first time writing WEB pages.

Finally I find the entire history, both from the military and social political side interesting. Why did people still hold British ideals to a high standard, while rejecting the king as their sovereign? Why did some people remain loyal to the crown , while others openly rebelled?
Why did the founders pledge their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to the revolution? Why did some endure such hardships, just for an ideal? To look to these ideals, then we understand who we are today, what the founders wanted for this country, and how we have the responsibility to see to it that their sacrifices were not in vain.


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