Awards and Honors

                                                                                 or what really counts and matters


I have been very blessed to be recognized for the many achievements and service to the community, to country and to my fellow man. I currently have a wall in which only about 1/3 of the recognitions are displayed, due to space constraints. The remaining awards are in a file cabinet/box until I get a bigger house with a bigger wall, but in the meantime, the wall will speak for itself.



   Yes, there are such things as Kentucky Colonels                                        


awards from the Sons of the American Revolution                                   awards from Military Organizations

 Awards from Free and Accepted Masons   (the 2nd one is my Past Masters Certificate)


This one holds a very special place for was given to me by Rite Worshipful Mortson Wolfson for being his District Committeeman on Public Education and Citizenship when he was District Deputy Grand Master. I will always cherish award.







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