I have many different interests.
Come enter my world and explore these.

When it is not blistering hot outside or raining , chances are that you may very well catch me 
riding my bicycle around town. I like Trek Bikes  (Trek 7600 for around town) and accessories. Trek bike come with a lifetime warrantee on their frames, use quality parts, and are the official bike of Six time Tour De France winner Lance Armstrong Jr.
I also like  Performance Bike for there extensive array of after market equipment and services. Check out my favorite local dealers at They will fix you up for sure.

In addition, computers are something that fascinate me. On my inquiry you will see various pictures of my hardware and workstation. There are even some software recommendations which will allow you to construct pages like these (well maybe not exactly like these, but close.)

In addition I like flight, perhaps that's why I like Microsoft's Flight Simulator 2004 so much. In addition I like raptors, be sure to check my digital images of various raptors. (my favorite type of bird!!!) 

Genealogy is another interest of mine as well. I have ancestors who fought in the War between the States, as well as the American Revolution. In fact my family on both my fathers and my mother's side have been in North America since 1640. I have been fortunate enough to trace my ancestry back to the year 1418, and ongoing research has been fortunate to possibly bring me back to the year 800 A. D. 

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