Casey & Julia

My brother Drew and his wife Kelly were gifted on groundhog's day 2000 with the birth of their first child, ...Casey Nevada.

                 Casey weighed 5 lbs.9oz., but the lucky parents were happy with their new addition.
                                                                      Here are some of her first pictures.


In 2000, Mommy and Daddy decided they were going to Florida for a long deserved Easter vacation. They decided that I should come too, and meet the rest of the family.

                                                             Here I am with Uncle Henry.
                                                             Guess which one of us lives in Florida???
                                     I was glad to get to spend this time with Daddy's brother.

Mommy and Dad decided to shoot some new pictures after the doctors fixed my heart in June 2000. Here are some of those pictures.
                      I like Pooh                                                                                                      Who is that????  

      I'm Daddy's girl                                                                                                                      Play time !!!!

Since I like Pooh, Mommy and Dad thought I needed a costume to celebrate my first HALLOWEEN!!!!
                                                            TRICK OR TREAT 2000 !!!!!

                                                    Here are some more of my 2000 photos.

                   Me and Great-Grandmother                                                          Things are great!!!                                         Do it again Daddy!!!!

Daddy had to take a trip to Anaheim, California for a business conference. He thought it be nice to take Mommy and I. I got to go to the original Disneyland, and even see the Pacific Ocean!



                                                         I even learned to be Daddy's little helper. 


                                                                                                   See I told you I was Daddy's little helper!!!!

 Uncle Henry came to visit us in early September 2001, and we all went out to dinner as a family, complete with Aunt Lisa and Grandma and Grandpa. Here are the pictures taken on September 11th of that dinner. 


          Here Daddy helps me with my drawing project.                                          I like to lick the butter off the bread!!!


                       One thing at a time, please.                                                                                          Is all that food for us?


While he was home, with Grandma and Grandpa, Uncle Henry took a Sunday afternoon to visit me at my home.



 This is where I had just gotten up from a nap, as the apple tree in the back yard broke a limb at 4:30 in the morning and woken me up.

There were plenty of apples to play with and I had mine. 


                              Boy, .I am cute!!!                                                                                                Daddy!!!!!!


                                      Daddy says I can be a bit mischievous, what do you think????



                             Here I am with Great Grandmother learning to play the piano, just don't ask me to sing!



In January of 2002, the stork brought me a baby sister to play with. Mommy and Daddy named her Julia Elizabeth after both her grandmothers. I like my sister and even enjoy helping Mommy and Daddy care for her!!!


                                                            It's fun to have a little sister to play with!!!

         Here are a few other pictures from both my dancing classes and a trip to Maine

                                                                                         Dinner time is always great


                                        Here we are camping and Grandma and Grandpa coming to visit, Julia is always a star!!!

                                                                       This is how we spend those lazy, hazy days of summer



Early this April we went to Florida on vacation and while there we saw all our Florida relatives, including Uncle Pat and Aunt Diane and their family, Nanna and Pa, and Uncle Henry visited us in St. Augustine. We had to tell him about all our adventures at Disneyland, and Sea World where we saw Shamue and all his friends. The only thing was there was a storm off North Carolina which made things rather windy and cool. 


                                           Here we are with Uncle Henry in the Condo (Whatever that means!)


                                                                          Here I am with Julia


                                                                            Here's Julia trying of soak up some rays. 


                                                                                         Here I am with my Coloring Book 


                              Uncle Henry even went to the Ice Cream store and bought us 2 different kinds, it was GOOD !!!


                  Things were way to windy and cold to go in the normal pool, so Mommy and Daddy let us play in the Jacuzzi.





                                              Julia liked the market square in St. Augustine, especially with the many fountains. 


                  Julia begged Uncle Henry to take her picture on the "Fort" (even though it was the Santa Domingo Redoubt). 

                                                                    He was only too glad to comply. 



                                                                        Here is Casey at a school event 


                      Here we are for Halloween in 2010


                                                                                                                       Here we are for Thanksgiving Dinner in 2010 

                                  Uncle Henry sent us some really cool winter clothes for Christmas

                      Summer is a really fun time of year 


These are from Julia's First Communion


    These are from Halloween this year, hope you enjoyed our updates.

                                                                                                               Casey and Julia 



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