Lets do Lunch!!!

If I had the chance to have lunch in a cafe, these are the people that I would most like to have lunch with and stimulating conversation (either individually or as a group)

Political Figures
George Washington (First President of the United States, Commander in Chief during the Revolution, Surveyor, Statesman, Freemason, Politician)
Alexander Hamilton (Revolutionary War Veteran, Statesman, Freemason, Federalist)
Thomas Jefferson (Statesman, Scientist, Farmer, writer of the Constitution and Bill of Rights)
Frances Marion (Revolutionary War Partisan)
Ronald Reagan (perhaps the greatest President during the 20th Century)
Jefferson Davis (President of the Confederate States of America)
Walter Williams (Radio Personality)
King George III (King of England during the American Revolution)
Bonnie Prince Charlie (The last Stuart King who failed in seizing his throne)
Robert the Bruce (King of Scotland)
Joan d'arc (Joan of Arc) (Leader of the French Independance movement during the 100 Years War)
Jacque DeMoley (Last Grand Master of the Knights Templar)
Napoleon (French Emperor, Freemason and Military Leader)
Voltaire (Social Philosopher, Freemason)
Martin Luther (Protestant Reformer)
Pope Gregory (Pope and reformer of the Holy Roman Catholic Church)
Abigail Adams (Wife of John Adams, and early leader in woman's rights)
General George S. Patton Jr. (Military leader and visionary)
General Norman Swartzcrofp (Army General during the Persian Gulf War)
Nathan Hale (American Patriot during the American Revolution)
Jan Crawford Greenburg  (Washington Correspondent for the Chicago Times Tribune, and PBS legal analyst)

Vivaldi (Composer)
Bach ((Composer)
Chopin (Composer)
Karen Matheson (Musician of the group Capercaillie)
Ofra Harnoy (World renown Cellist)
Diana Krall (Jazz Performer and Pianist)

The Bangles (especially Michael "Mikki" Steele!)

  Elena Temnikova (you know I have a soft spot for blue/green/gray eye slavic brunettes)

          Zhanna Friske

Anne and Nancy Wilson,  Pat Benatar, Bruce Hornsby, Carley Simon, James Taylor, George Benson, Earl Klugh, Russ Freeman, Pat Metheney, Al Stewart, Ian Anderson, Larry Carlton, Carl Anderson, Basia  Trzetrzelewska, Andy Connell & Corinne Drewery (Swing Out Sister) (Musicians)


Scientists, Writers, and Adventurers
Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson (Civil War General)
Nathan Beford Forest (Confederate Caverly Officer, and Freemason)
Orville and Wilbur Wright (Inventors of the first airplane)
Nostradamous  (Psychic)
St. Patrick (Irish Bishop)
St. Brendan the Navigator (Irish monk who traversed the seas, most likely discovering America long before Christopher Columbus)
Edgar Allen Poe (Writer)
Davie Crockett (Politician, Adventurer and Hero of the Alamo)
Daniel Boone (Freemason and Adventurer)
Meriweather Lewis (Explorer of the West)
Lew Wallace (Civil War General and author of "Ben Hur")
James Joyce, W.B. Yeates (Irish Writers)
Brigham Young (Mormon Leader)
Shelby Foote, Micheal Shaara (Noted Civil War Authors)
Walt Disney (Animator)

Tom Selleck (Actor, and Republican Activist)   
Charlton Heston (Actor, and former NRA President)
Bo Derek (Actress, and Republican Activist)                                                           
John Wayne and Clint Eastwood (Actors)
Ari  Nicole Parker, Michael Michele and  Molly Parker (Actresses)
Brooke Shields (Actress and Model)
Sir Derek Jacobi (Thespian)

       Dina Meyer (Actress)

    Mitzi Kapture (Actress)

        Melinda Clarke (Actress)

     Polly Walker (British Actress) We actually share the same birthday!!

Dana Delaney (Actress)

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