Music....a means of expression which reflects all our moods, feeling, thoughts and personalities.

Well for me, things are no different, and music is defiantly a reflection of my mood.

I have very many tastes in different types of music.

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Jazz New Age
Easy Listening

Classical Click on the violin for a sample

Who says the classics are outdated!!!
Like I said, music reflects our moods, and sometimes nothing can beat Beethoven's Midnight Sonata, Bach's Brandenburg Concerto #2, 3 and 5, Vivaldi's Violin Concerto in A Minor, Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto #2, Khachaturian's Saber Dance, Saint Saen's Danse Macabre, or Verde's Dies Irae.

Usually I find myself listening to a  nice mix of Bach, Vivaldi, with a little mix of Chopin, and Strauss. When its raining and dreary outside, nothing can beat this combination.


Celtic and Irish Music

Part of my heritage. Bagpipes, fiddles, Galighe 'Nuff said.



Jazz New Age

Jazz and New Age are a favorite of mine.

I stumbled upon both the Pat Metheny Group, and the Rippingtons by accident, and yet they happen to be my favorite Jazz artists.

I would invite you to visit the Pat Metheny Groups WEB site at and enjoy the current live concert footage (requires the Real Player, and will take about 5 minutes to download, but lasts about 45 minutes.)

I also invite you to visit the Rippingtons (featuring Russ Freeman) WEB site at They have some sound clips plus a lot of information about tour dates, fan merchandise, and other tid bits.

If you are like me then you also enjoy the unusual. I also like the Gregorian Chants that ENIGMA has incorporated into their music. Their WEB site is something to behold. It is located at You will need to get Shockwave, before entering this site.


Easy Listening

I keep saying "In my mind I've gone to Carolina." Nobody can say it or sing it better than James Taylor. Mr. Taylor's lyrics reflect the down to earth feelings that every one of us possesses, along with the different moods each of us has.

In addition, another one of my favorite places has produced another great musical talent. Williamburg, Virginia is the home to Bruce Hornsby. Mr. Hornsby's albums reflected back upon the trials and tribulations of the people of the Tidewater region. The Bruce Hornsby WEB site is at


Well Rock, everything from what I listened to in school, (a lot of Todd Rungren, Carlos Santana, Chicago, Asia, Toto), all the way to a lot of modern things (2 Unlimited, Bryan Adams, Fleetwood Mac, Gloria Estafan). Like I said it depends upon the mood.

My taste in country is pretty slim..... Mary Chapin Carpenter, LeAnn Rimes, Bonnie Raitt, Randy Travis, Alan Jackson, and Terri Clark. Every so often, a little Martina Mc Bride, Lorrie Morgan, guess it just depends.


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