Old and Archived Activities 2000-2010


I had originally posted this page with a Halloween Party that was almost 3 years old and it was far from recent, although these are far from recent. 

The past 7 years have been that of skills and administration more than anything else. My extracurricular activities (outside of work)  have been the basic focus of my life for the past 6 years, assuming various positions of leadership in my various organizations, in the hopes of influencing the next generation, and making this world a better place for those who will come after me.   

 I took a class on how to promote your non-profits and obtaining media exposure. It was taught by a graduate student from the University of Florida and including interesting topics such as how to develop your press kits, how to write an effective press release, and tools for the media outlets. As a direct result of this class I managed to get 5 newspaper articles as well as 2 television spots (on 2 separate networks {or 4 total} to promote one organizations' particular program. It was also nice to meet the various reporters and put those learned skills to work with them as well. 

I also met many members of the community in my tenure as 2nd V.P. of my local SAR chapter, where I was responsible for securing the guest speakers for our various meetings. While in this office I procured our local Postmaster General; a Representative of our local Cable TV provider; a Organ Donation Coordinator; A former Army friend (who assisted in our ROTC Awards program); and a former ROA President (who assisted in our Constitution Week Celebration), not to mention many others. 

While President and Interim Secretary of the Gainesville Chapter SAR, I oversaw all our various programs not limited to; Naturalization of new U.S. Citizens, Good Citizenship Awards, ROTC Awards (Jr. & Sr.), Heroism Awards, Law Enforcement Awards, Fire Safety Awards, Eagle Scout Awards, Flag Display Awards just to name a few. The administrative side also involved contract negotiations with various vendors to host these programs, budget and finance, community relations with various officials (including the Federal Magistrate for North Florida), and others. 

I am the past President and past Secretary of this chapter. I have held some sort of office or position in the chapter for the past decade, and it's time to let others assume the reins of leadership.



As if that were not enough in itself, my Worship Master of my local Masonic Temple asked me if I would consider being the Senior Deacon of that Lodge for the 2003 year. It was indeed an honor to be considered  for such a high appointment in his administration. In 2004 I was elected Junior Warden. In 2005 I was elected the Senior Warden.

I am a Past Worshipful Master of Gainesville Lodge #41 Free and Accepted Masons of Florida.


In addition I am 32 degree Mason in the Ancient Free and Accepted Scottish Rite of Florida (Valley of Ocala, Orient of Florida), a founding and charter member of the Ocala Valley's Knights of St. Andrew, the Scottish Rite's 32 degree Honor Society, and the Past- President of the Alachua County Scottish Rite Club, as well as a member of all 3 York Rite bodies. 

I am a Past President of National Sojourners, North Central Florida Chapter #537. (A Masonic order of present and former military Officers and NCOs, which promote Patriotism and Americanism), the current Commander of NCF Chapter 357 Heroes of '76. In addition I am the current Secretary of Memorial Lodge No. 14 F. & A.M. (the funeral Lodge of the 14th District) and the Vice Chairman of the 14th District Masters and Wardens Association.

I also am a member of the Board of Directors of the Gainesville Charitable Foundation, which used to be known as the Gainesville Crescent Foundation until a change in the charter and corporate name. 

Between all these different groups I indeed have a very full plate. 

This past May, I attended the Grand Lodge of Florida as a delegate at the Annual Grand Lodge Communication.                                            



After installation as Worshipful Master of Gainesville Lodge #41, I set aside our 1st meeting date in may to Honor our District Deputy Grand Master who aside from being a really great man, put forth a Herculean effort while fulfilling the Grand Masters' directives and projects. Here are a few photos from that meeting of 10 May 2006. 


                                    Here I am in my position                                              Here I am presenting our DDGM his Honorary Membership



                                                                                               More Presentations


                                   Presenting the Deputy Grand Master of Florida his Honorary Membership to Gainesville #41


                                                                                               Another Presentation

                                                                               Grand Line Officers and Dignitaries


I am not really sure when I will get the time, but I would like to attend at least a regional meeting of both the Reserve Officers Association (ROA) and the Association of Military surgeons of the U.S. (AMSUS) {both of which I am a life member of}, as well as at least one meeting of the Army Nurse Corps Association and AMCSN Alumni Association. My schedule and multiple commitments, being what they are, seriously inhibit my ability to get the time to get to attend some of these events. 



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