What can I say, I like photography.

                        The manipulation of light, and the saving of an image on film tells a million words.

                       Just a few thing before we get started. Don't look for people pictures. Human
                       subjects (except in rare cases) really don't do it for me. Nature, and places are
                       more my thing.

                       IYou may get a full screen picture of any of these by clicking on the photo.
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                         Before I go any further I have to give credit to  Nikon ,
                         for making  a   superior camera. In addition it wouldn't be fair not to
                         mention fugifilm and  agfa film .

                        I prefer to use a Nikon body, with a Nikor lens. I use 2 lenses
                          ( a  F4.5  28mm-70mm, and a F5.4 70mm -210mm). In addition
                          I occasionally use a   Promaster Macro 90mm F 4.0 .

                        For film, I prefer Fugi for slides and Agfa for prints.

                        I am impressed with Fugi, Astia 100, Fugi Provia 100 and 400 and Velvia 50.

                        For prints I use Fugi Reala 100, as well as Agfa Ultra 50, and Portrait 160.

                        Black and White are shot with Ilford Pan F 50 or Delta 100.

blue angels (1).jpg (35835 bytes)blue angels (3).jpg (48444 bytes)

            (South Floida Airshow, taken witha Nikon 6006, 70-210 mm lens, and Fugi Reala 100 film)

blue angels (2).jpg (35591 bytes)

           (South Florida Airshow, taken with a Nikon 6006, a Nikor 70-210mm lens on Agfa Portrait 160)

          Of course there all all kinds of photos, and here are a few more samples:

monticello.jpg (78224 bytes)

                              (Jefferson's Monticello in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Fugi Reala )

enlisted barracks.jpg (20780 bytes)25th anniversery magic kingdom.jpg (28668 bytes)headstone of webster.jpg (28941 bytes)

   (Crown Point, New York)                        (Disney's 25th anniversery, Florida)                (Daniel Webster's Grave)

kirkland.jpg (28958 bytes)old simon.jpg (28522 bytes)masonic 01.jpg (24595 bytes)masonic 02.jpg (25425 bytes)

Grave of Richard Kirkland, Camden, S.C.; Old Simon, Antietam National Cemetery, Antietam MD.; Masonic Memorial, Gettysburg, PA)

Irishmon01.jpg (145140 bytes)IrishMon02.jpg (166465 bytes)virginiamonument.jpg (33185 bytes)littleroundtop.jpg (36238 bytes)

                           (Photos from Gettysburg National Military Park, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania)

the lighthouse and grounds.jpg (28707 bytes)lobster traps.jpg (42250 bytes)hatteras01.jpg (9598 bytes)

                      (Various Lighthouses from both the Boston area, and North Carolina)

                                                             (Various Picures of Florida)

                                 All images were scanned with an Info-peripheral image reader fflat-
                         bed 24 bit color scanner. (This company has gone out of business.) 

                         Later images were scanned with a  Visioneer
                         8100 series One-Touch 42 bit USB flat-bed scanner.

                         Some images were processed using  Seattle Photoworks processing and Software.

                          We also use  (connectix/logitech) for some work, as well
                          as televideoconferencing.

                                            I recently aquired my first digital camera, a Nikon Coolpix 880.
                                             Samples of digital photography will be posted on another website.
                                  Please go to  her see Nikon 880 images.

                                                           Nikon 8700 images Here  

                               Check back frequently as those pictures will be changing as I do more projects.

                                                                  All photos ©1997 Henry A. Bariteau III


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