My Statement of Values


I am an American Citizen. I therefore have certain duties and responsibilities.

As an American, I should be required to assimilate into the established culture. (the idea of the melting pot) I can contribute ideas and characteristics from any other culture, but the end result will be a homogenization of all cultures, with common values, the established ENGLISH language, and a common purpose.  

As an American it is imperative for me to communicate in the established language, that being English. It is perfectly acceptable for me to learn and/or converse in a second language, but when dealing in society, it is of vital importance that I communicate with others in the established English language. 

As an American, I enjoy unprecedented rights and liberties. These rights and liberties were not just somehow instilled upon or divinely granted to Americans, but were paid for with blood and the lives of patriotic individuals. It is therefore imperative that I defend these rights with equal vigor and diligence. It should beacon and obligate true Americans to perform military service to continue these freedoms and liberties. 

As an American, I should endeavor to find solutions to problems on a local level, without interference from Government. I should therefore then remain a good citizen, and involve myself in the community. I should obey it's laws, work to be part of the solution, and work within the community and other organizations to assist others in innovated programs that benefit the community and promote these values. Perhaps it was said best by former President Reagan, " Goverment is not the solution to the problem, government is the problem."

As an American, I should never forget the sacrifices and hardships that others have made, so that I may enjoy these rights. It should require us to set aside time for our National holidays like Veteran's Day and Memorial Day, and hold these with important reverance.


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